Westpac Choice eAccount

Westpac now offers a convenient banking solution for those who like to transact on the go: the Westpac Choice eAccount. For a flat monthly fee, users can access and manage their eAccounts from a number of channels, including phone, internet, ATM, and EFTPOS (electronic fund transfer at point of sale). The eAccount works like any day-to-day banking service-except you need not step into a bank to access it. You can even open your savings account over the phone or through the Westpac website.

Benefits and features of the Westpac Choice eAccount include:

- Unlimited transactions on all electronic channels
- Four access options: Automated Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, EFTPOS and ATMs
- Completely paperless banking-receive electronic statements, make electronic deposits and withdrawals, and shop with your Debit MasterCard overseas
- EFTPOS and ATM access available from 25 million locations around the world

About the Debit MasterCard

Debit MasterCards are only issued to eligible customers. To get a Debit MasterCard with your Westpac Choice eAccount, one must be over 18 and a citizen or permanent resident of Australia. As an alternative, non-eligible customers are offered a Handycard, which they can use for electronic access but not for EFTPOS and ATM purchases.