RaboPlus - Savings Account

RaboPlus is the first savings account to combine term deposits, high-interest savings, and a variety of managed funds in a single platform. Created by Rabobank Australia Ltd, it is directed towards the internet-savvy and financially forward generation of bankers. RaboPlus transacts exclusively online, eliminating the need for phone banking or retail outlets. Users can access and manage their own savings accounts, monitor their funds, and buy or sell any of their managed funds with a few simple clicks on the RaboPlus online platform.

Why bank online?

RaboPlus offers competitive savings rates not only to personal customers, but also to businesses, trusts, and self-managed super funds. There are also no service fees, opening fees or maintaining balances-absolutely no strings attached.
For customers looking for managed funds, RaboPlus also offers a selection of wholesale funds at very affordable entry rates, with a transparent fee structure and no ongoing fees on savings account. As with other RaboPlus services, managed funds can be purchased entirely online.

Why RaboPlus?

RaboPlus is part of the largest online bank service in Europe, with award-winning sister companies in Ireland, Belgium, and New Zealand. Rabobank has earned steady recognition for offering the highest interest rates, the best service, savings account and the most efficient online banking platform. International rating agencies such as Moody's, Standard & Poor's, and the Dominion Bond Rating Service have given it triple-A ratings in terms of credit status, earning it a spot as one of the world's twenty largest financial institutions.

High security

As an online service, RaboPlus puts a prime on transaction security. Part of its state-of-the-art security system is Digipass, a security device that lets customers authorize all transactions. The Digipass is the world's leading system for preventing online fraud; in fact, in the past four years it has been in use, none of Rabobank's online banking services have been breached.